New location for my domestic blog

Welcome to the new location for The Michaelmas Blog!

For over two years I have been blogging intermittently on another platform – this was my first attempt at blogging, and became my ‘domestic’ blog as I also developed the art blog, and subsequently two other blogs (of which more in due course).  However, I have been finding Blogger increasingly clunky, and as all my other blogs are now on WordPress, and as I have been spoiled by the flexibility which WordPress provides, I have decided to move The Michaelmas Blog over to WordPress as well.  If you have been following the Blogspot blog, I’m afraid you will need to follow this new blog in order to be notified of new posts – I may post in parallel for a few weeks, but after that I will only be posting on WordPress.  Apologies for the inconvenience, but hopefully the increased ease of use will result in more posts for you!

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