Tips for Self-Isolation

Some thoughts from a fellow freelancer with tips on working from home if you are new to it.

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In the last week, the coronavirus situation in the UK has become more
extreme. As of Friday, all state schools in the United Kingdom have shut, many people are being asked to self-isolate, either for their protection or for the protection of others and many offices, shops and restaurants have shut. As a freelance translator, I have a lot of experience of working from home and, having been house-bound for a few months last year due to my IBS, I have a lot of experience keeping myself entertained at home. As such, I wanted to share my tips with you on how to work from home and how to cope with self-isolation!

Working from Home
If you’ve never worked from home before, then it may seem quite daunting. With the TV, your kitchen and all manner of other distractions at your disposal, procrastination is inevitable. Try not to…

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